Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Hi Again! Getting back to something like a productive headspace here. Between the studio move, holidays (of sorts) and a bunch of other distractions and privations, I'm only really geared up for posting regularly again rrrrright aboutttt........NOW!

So here I am. What's been happening? Loads, by the look of things. All youse writers out there reading in tents, for one thing. No festival worth its salt is without its spoken word element these days. Oxegen, Knockanstockan, Flat Lake etc. saw the lit-blog community well represented and the upcoming Festival of World Cultures and Electric Picnic seem to have plenty more on offer. Woohoo! Warm up those tonsils agus eirí libh!

Myself, I've been more visually-orientated of late, which seems to be the case as the light of summer makes itself felt (shorter days breeding more wordplay). I've freshened up my painting website a bit - it's still a work-in-progress - more work to be added etc. - but a bit cleaner than before. Check it out.