Thursday, September 30, 2010

OFFSET : Scrubbing up!

Phew. Its been busy over this last while - lots going on. For a start I've switched over from Blogger (farewell Scaldervillage) to Wordpress. A good move? We'll see - it certainly seems easier to customise. For now. Anyhoo - welcome one and all to the new space. Is it a site? Is it a blog? Is it worth a visit? You tell me!

OFFSET, that big old creative festival, is rolling into town and tomorrow (wednesday) sees myself and a bunch of other illustrators, artists, photographers and assorted 'types' airing our dirty laundry at a group show up in South Studios.

Expect all things murky, expect guilty secrets, fetishes, embarrassments and one or two skeletons to fall out of cupboards at this one-night-only show. I'll post my own image up here soon. Ciao.

UPDATE : Well, it was a great show. Lots of nice images from the night to be seen here and here - my artwork is below on the right - or see it in my folio here.

OFFSET 2010 - Laundry

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's it : I'm outta here!

I haven't been posting much here over the last while - been quite busy with other stuff.

One thing I finally got around to was moving my blogging activity over to the Wordpress platform, which just seems to allow a little more flexibility. Blogger seems to be attracting more spam too? So, from now on, I won't be blogging here, I'll be over there. The Scaldervillage Voice has hereby closed shop.

Hope to see you over at the new spot. Its a work in progress at the moment - plenty of tweaking left to be done. I'm also going to be on Facebook over here. As for Twitter? We'll see.

I've enjoyed the run here - and, in truth, the content will probably be quite similar at the new place - it'll just be a bit more integrated with my artwork etc.

Thanks to all the visitors and those who left comments - it's been fun! If anybody has me bookmarked or blogrolled, I'd politely ask you to please update your links to my new abode? I'll aim to reciprocate asap.

Ciao fer now!