Monday, January 10, 2011

Poetry Bus : L'esprit d'escalier


in memoriam C.T.G.

If words came as bidden
opened avenues
brushed ego aside
began flinging stuff through

conceits, longheld prejudice
bottles of piss
re-heated revenge
served up with a kiss

self-righteous tirades
unilateral, shrill
a teacup of toxins
from bitter old pills

vomitted eloquence
sparked by a slight
accusation from someone
or something not right

drummed down fusillades
released inner kids
broke down your guard
called out my id

Sent crusaders, stormtroopers
brickbats and bile
with the wink of an eye
and a twinkling smile

Could petulant spatting
still do me some good?
Re-write the outcome?
You betcha. It could.