Monday, February 15, 2010

Back on the BUS : Monday Poem

Well, hey! It's Monday again and the Poetry Bus is back on the road. Over at Totalfeckineejit's the theme is LURVE! (Something to do with the weather, I think). Anyways, I'm sending a little bloggerly love out to the world - in particular to Barbara over at her Bleurgh, who has posted some nice things about Crossroads. Also sending some to all those people who supported our Haiti fundraiser by buying the (admittedly bargaintastic) life drawings at the United Arts Club. We raised just under 1400 euro folks! Well done all.

Finally, a little more love to tonight's Glór session, downstairs in the International Bar, where the Poetry Divas(!) amongst others, will be spreading vibes a-plenty.

So, in the name of love, by way of love, and simply in the general loving vibe, here's my wee contribution to the LoVe BUs, baby.

(note : actual wee not used in the creation of this poem).

All of it

Everything I loved came on at once

I was pinned down, I tell you

pinned flat

under the weight of all this love I couldn't breath

but how beautiful I felt, giddy and light

slipping out of consciousness

I told myself, or rather thought (I couldn't even squeak)

you got it now, baby, L-O-V-E to the maximum!

Now here I lie

a psychedelic swirl of it

a peacock tail of love, a butterfly

under glass

© P Nolan 2010