Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Penpusher 9 - The Bees' Nibs!

Whoooop! Just received my copy of Penpusher magazine, issue 9 in the post, and it's a thing of beauty! Beautiful layout & typography throughout, crisp black text and snappy two colour cover on high white uncoated stock with a nice bit of weight - all perfectbound into the definitive 'slim volume'. Full credit for immaculate design to Hape Mueller. In Googling for the designer's website (which I couldn't find!) I came across this bizarrely interesting tidbit, crediting Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson for the magazine's distinctive logo! What a small, funky world it can be.

Anyways, on first skim, the editorial control and overall content well merits the very high production standards and I'm chuffed indeed that my poem 'Salthill, Monkstown' features alongside some quality material in this issue. Thanks Penpushers, you've made me week!!!