Thursday, February 07, 2008

Zadie a picky Lady?

Still looking towards the UK, there's been quite a bit of a furore over the decision by the judging panel of this year's Willesden Herald International Short Story competition not to present any prize this year. According to a blog post by judge Zadie Smith "We could not find the greatness we'd hoped for," and which goes on to say "It's for this reason that we have decided not to give out the prize this year."

The announcement has led to mixed reactions - plenty of disappointed entrants and other critics of the decision. But there's also some degree of support for the perceived upholding of literary standards.

It does seem odd that out of 800 entries, none was deemed of sufficient quality to win - especially when a shortlist of 10 had been compiled - but I guess it can happen.

I didn't enter, and may not have the chance now, seeing as the organisers have decided to donate this years prize to comic relief and wind up the competition! A bit of a shame what with the 'no such thing as bad publicity' factor at work.

Ah well, It's a funny old world. (Funny peculiar, that is).